Foam cleaning spray سبراي تنظيف الفوم

70,00 د.إ

Multipurpose cleaner foam
Suitable for leather, fabric, carpets and vinyl
Eliminates strong odors including food, smoke and pet odors
Comes with plastic brush on the cover
Pressurized spray can
Easy to use
Good quality product
Value for money

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• Clean dirt and dust quickly and evidently from surface of parts, carpet, seat of car, motorcycle and yacht, as well as surface of furniture, wall paper, brick, kitchen utensils, cord fabric, exhaust fans, refrigerators, smoke exhauster, gas cooker, etc. It is a good helper not only for car-care but for house cleanliness. Shake properly before use, because the spray is foamy and not easy to flow. Spray evenly to the dirty place at about 20 cm distance. Let the foam stay on the dirty for 30-40 seconds performing. It’s better to use small brush to brush the thick dirty and blind spots. Finally use the dry cloth to clean it.


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